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  • Design based off of proven full sized Ultimate Groomer, reinforced at critical points
  • 1/8" thick wall structural steel tube & 1/4" thick stiff hitch, fully enclosed
  • Hardened wear strips at 3 critical points along side rails
  • 10" of Ground clearance when raised
  • 2" Trailer Hitch w/ Rubber Puck to absorb shock
  • Extendable Hitch w/ up to 9" extension, Shear bolt protected
  • Heavy Duty Front/Side Bumper
  • Removable Top Crank Parking Stand
  • 4 Adjustable Spring Loaded Cutting Blades (Front Serrated, Rear Straight)(Adj. Tension)
  • Cutting Blades angled & positioned for increased flow of snow, cutting mogels, & easier pulling
  • Removable Pins for every blade holder
  • Fixed Position snow diverter after the 4th blade
  • Grease zerks on every blade holder pivot point
  • 3/16" Pan, 3 bends for added strength, Integrated pull loop
  • 2 Adjustable Pan Guide Runners (Hardened Material)
  • Tires & Greaseable Hubs
  • Toolbox w/ Reinforced floor, Aluminum Diamond Plate, Weather Proof Lid, Angled Lid
  • Wireless Controller
  • Deep Cycle Battery w/ battery charger
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hose, 4000psi
  • LED Strobe Light w/ waterproof connection
  • approximate weight 1150lbs



  • Hydraulic Ski Design for optimal float - senses bottom of hills & bridge holes reducing bounce, blade chatter, and effort to pull
  • 4 Adjustable Cutting Blades (All Straight)
  • Rubber Pan Flap (Bolt on)
  • 3 or 4 Adjustable Pan Guide Runners (Hardened Material)
  • LED Work Light w/ waterproof connection
  • Cylinder Stops